Joining your folders from multiple drives into a single directory

I’ve been looking for a solution to this for several weeks (as well as many others) and I finally found a free tool that does exactly what I need.  I wanted something simple without the need to format the disks or use a raid configuration and to be able to add/remove drives as needed.

 Over the weekend I set up my drive pool with 3 USB drives, totaling 10Tb using Liquesce and it’s been working great!  If your drives have the same directory representation in the root, ie Movies, then these will be merged into a single Movies directory within the new drive created by Liquesce. Once shared on the network the Hub connected without issue.

Download here -

Mmmm sounds interesting, still seems in early development, and looks like it needs some regedits for Win 7 64 bit.

You did perk my attention there, but with two attached drives to the Hub, I would not really achieve that much.

So does Windows stop showing the shared drives and only shows the shares this app does, or does it display both ?

It still shows the attached drives as well as the new drive.  I did not have to make any regedits on win 7 64.


Am anxious to give this a try.

Which version of the Liquesce release did you install (I see that version  2012-11-23 Beta 1 removed support of SMB sharing?).

Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention…


I am also on the same boat. Got my extra 2 TB My book Live. Added this as network Drive but have to switch between Local and Network shares to access the same folders (Folder setup is same both in Local and Network shares). I am searching for a way to combine these 2 into single view. Please let us know if this works for you. Thanks!

I think you are after something that is not possible.

For example, I have 2 connected hard drives, so without any network shares, I have this displayed

WD Drive 01
WD Drive 02

Now if I add Network shares to “My Media Library” I will have the above plus my shares, so

Bluray 03
Bluray 04
TV Series 01
TV Series 02

So by using my media library I can access all them from one screen. So I am guessing the best I could get with the application he is talking about would be one Bluray folder and one TV folder. The Hub will always display itself and whatever is connected plus any shares you add to it.

I suppose if all you want is network shares added together then that’s fine, and just stay on the Network shares screen thats fine, but if you are using the in built scraper then there’s a problem there as it won’t work till you add it to my media library, but that’s where the new Linksheets themes help as you do it all with TG anyway.

To get this to work the way we all want it we need WD to add a Movies genre, they do have a TV one and it does work, no idea why they can’t do a movies one.

So to sum up you won’t be able to add Local shares to network shares as I think you want. Best you will get is network shares added together.

I do wonder if you can map the internal and any externals then add them with your other shares, and view this in the network shares side if the application works that way. Now if you could this would be awkward for scraping to the PC shares as the Hub would not let you scrape to them, but I suppose if you add them to my media library they would get updated there, and then go back to network shares once updated that way.

I suppose I should really have a play myself. :slight_smile:

Having a go myself today…good and bad so far

Initially I thought I had it sorted, but some things showed up for internal drive and attached when added to my other shares, some did not, or showed but could not access them from the PC, and never showed on the share to the Hub. But the movie covers are not showing up for some reason as well, which is no good for me.

I have also tried to add it to my media library but it always says read only, and I have shared it to every man and his dog.

A little bit unstable for me as well, hard to unshare a drive setup to it, and some other things, I am on Win 8, so may be something to do with it, will have another play when I have time.