JBOD - replacing single drive

Hello all!

I have a 2TB My Book World Edition II (white light)

I have it setup in JBOD.

I’m in the process of upgrading one of the 1TB drives to a 2TB drive so I have 1TB + 2TB.

However on placing the new drive in [ExtendedDrive] location, as it is not correctly formated, the new drive appears in the ‘disk manager’ as:

Volume - Unassigned

Size - Undefined

Status - New

Within the RAID Managemet the status is ‘failed’

How do I format the drive other that a factory reset as that will delete all the data from the ‘DataVolume’?

Any and all feedback is appreciated!

What drive did you put on that case? it’s not like it will work like that, plus a RAID is meant to be used with the exact same drives.