Jbod, raid roaming, manage shares, manage each volume as separate drive?

Hello all,

I have a Western Digital My Cloud EX4. I have put one drive at a time into slot 1 and created shares, and subsequently transferred files to it. I have done so to be able to track the size of each drive, and have folders with different contents on each drive. All drives are jbods, by the way. When i power up the unit, i do so with one drive at the time, 1 in slot 1, insert drive 2 in slot 2, and so on. I get the message “RAID ROAMING, this volume is roaming from another WD My Cloud (not created on this system) …Click OK to integrate it, if you do not integrate it, you risk loosing your data if your volume becomes degraded”

No I wonder the following:

  1. if I integrate all drives, what happens to my Jbod configuration?
  2. what happens with my shares? Will they be affected and dissapear?
  3. Will all volumes merge into one? I have chosen to do what I did to keep track on each individual drive, whats on it, and how much.

I am very thankful for any hints and help you could give me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

When you opt for the RAID roaming, it will integrate the volumes and delete the data and the shares created.

You can reconfigure the drives into JBOD from the link given below.


Moreover, the volumes will not merge as one large volume. You can recreate the shares after JBOD reconfiguration and choose the particular volume into which you want to backup the data for that share.
In this way, you can organize your data in each volume as per your convenience.

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A quick question just to clarify.

If all the drives are JBOD, which shares & data on which drives will be deleted?