JavaScript Error from "" Invalid Host Name


Trying to set up reserved dhcp/ip addresses in WD MyNet N900 Router for 3 different phones I get this error: JavaScript Error from “” Invalid Host Name after I click ‘Save’. Of course it doesn’t save. I have tried it with 2 browsers. Chrome stable updated and Vivaldi stable updated. I have Notifications, JavaScript, Flash, Images & Popups set to Allow in the security settings on both browsers for the Router Interface page. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am trying this hoping our phones will stay connected without dropping wi-fi. Blessing to you and yours! Amanda


Since you have tried different browsers, have you tried a different system within your network? Does clearing the cache help?


Thank you for your reply. I tried on 2 different browsers but I’ve tried again since you mentioned clearing the cache and unfortunately it has the same result. I haven’t tried with any other system. I have a desktop but it is much older and since getting my laptop back in 2013 I don’t even turn it on (unless the laptop is out of service). I suppose I could turn it on and try it. Thanks again. Be blessed! Amanda