Hi all, have just bought a Live Book and just read about the security problem with java. Instead of installing the online  software which installs java can i use the disk that come with it instead. I dont need to use the cloud just want it for media streaming and with phones and tablets.



then you don’t need to install anything at all on your PC.

Hi thanks for the quick reply. I need to input the codes for the phones/tablets, so need the program. Would the program on the disk not install java?


I don’t understand what you’re asking now.

You don’t need to install Java on your PC in order to input codes on Phones / Tablets.

  I need to input the codes for the phones/tablets,

If you’re doing that, you ARE wanting ot use the cloud services, because the only apps that require a code are WD 2go and WD Photos, both of which are Cloud-based apps.

Sorry if i confused. Need the program to generate the codes for WD2go and WDphoto to access the WD live book. As i understand a computer needs java to access the WD live book but thought the apps did not.



No, the codes are generated by the MBL itself via the web manager.  AFAIK, it doesn’t require Java.

First sorry for being a noob. When you say web manager do you mean dashboard if so i have to install the program to use dashboard to gain access to MBL and set up users and then the apps. When i read the manual it says about a “java applert” on the computer but apart from accessing the MBL it will only be used by games consuls, tablets and phones.



Looking the release notes for the most recent firmware

I found this

Firmware Version 02.41.05-034

Resolved Issue:

• Removed “ View My Files” link from the dashboard due to the requirement to install

Java®, causing various web browsers to intermittently display messages to install Java

Correct - We remvoed this ability from the Dashboard because of all the issues currently happening around Java  - and seeing that many of the updates to browsers are really clamping down on java code being run in the browser.

Hi WDTony

I used to use those little folder icons in the Shares section of the dashboard frequently to connect to specific shares as needed. Now that they have been removed, can you give me some guidance on how to connect to those shares?  I’m using both Mac and PC.



Probably the simplest way to do it would be installing Quick View. It will give you an icon in  your notification area (by the clock) that will let you launch the shares, dashboard, and other options.

Chaos, that looks like exactly what I need.  Thank you!!

:slight_smile: Glad it worked.