JAM the cable and it'll work! My Passport USB cable stuck inside harddrive


I purchased My Passport over a year ago, and it has always had trouble mounting.

(This seems like a constant problem with My Passports…)

Sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn’t. I realized that when I connected

the drive rightside up, laying flat, then applied some pressure upon the

USB cable right beside the drive it would mount.

So I realized it wasn’t a user error or software error, but a cable error.

I called WD and explained my situation. They impressed upon me that

a new cable would fix the problem (even though I kept explaining how

it wouldn’t help…).

So they sent me a new cable.

Still wouldn’t mount.

Well, just now I connected my drive by setting it on top of my Mac Pro and

plugging the USB into the port below and on the front–this gives the

appropriate amount of force to mount the drive.

I disconnected it and, guess what? The cord is STUCK inside the My Passport!

The good news is that NOW it will connect whenever and wherever I need to.

It doesn’t need the pressure because something has happened to cause it

to not want it to let go of the cord. I’m a little freaked.

I tried pulling it out but it feels like I’m going to take the whole drive with me!

So this is either a plea for help or some advice–get the flippin cord jammed

inside your My Passport, and it’ll work properly! lol

Is there anything I should do, or is it safe to use?

Thanks for any help!

lsatterfield, it is a good idea to backup all the data that you have in this drive and then replace this drive.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I guess that means it wasn’t the cable afterall. :frowning:

Well, having 2 didn’t help me anyway. lol