Jailbroken iphone and Wd2go download

Hi, i have a jailbroken iphone and im not able to download the app…have anyone tried this with a jailbroken iphone…or is there a place that i can get the IPA file?

It’s not available on Cydia or Installous or Appcake - you need to download it from the actual Apple App store.  Fortunetly, because jailbreaking is legal, Apple is not allowed to block you from downloading apps through the store on a jailbroken device. If you are having trouble downloading apps from the store something might be wrong with your jailbreak, and you might need to do a restore (remeber not to use the latest firmware or you’ll lose your jailbreak and won’t be able to jailbreak again until the current version is broken) to fix the issue.

Thank you very much i was able to download and install wd photos, but im having some issues with wd 2go…still needs to find out what version of the ios the wd 2go needs to run