I've messed up, please help me revive MBLD :D

Ok here’s the story: I got a new MBLD and after getting acquainted with the features, I took out both 3TB drives and connected them to my desktop and reformatted them to NTFS for disk spanning and measuring the performance of direct attached 6TB NTFS vs the previous NAS transfer speeds.

After I was done, I removed all partitions on the two drives and placed them back in the MBLD. The light is blue, then a solid yellow, and nothing happens after that. Trying the reset button didn’t help. The MBLD is not visible in my network, so I can’t do anything like activate the drive/RAID management functions. I remember seeing some 3 or 4 linux ext partitions on each drive in Paragon Partition Manager before I wiped them out and created a single NTFS partition on each drive.

Question: what should I do to at least access the debian OS to reformat the two blank drives back to whatever was originally on a brand new unit? Or is it bricked and can only be RMAed? Thanks all!

Uhm, dude… sorry, you just totally destroyed your MBLD…

EVERYTHING is stored on those drives;  the OS, the GUI, everything… and you just wiped it out.

Good luck getting warranty service on that…

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I see…

So it’s just a matter of restoring those original partitions and the system files in them (I didn’t store any personal data before disconnecting from the first linkup to the cloud).

Would anyone with a working MBLD be kind enough to image those partitions and upload them somewhere I can retrieve them? If not, then it’s RMA time :stuck_out_tongue:


RMA time.