Ive got a MKV file and Subs file how do I get hub to play them together?

Ive got a Chinese film and have got the english subs file seperate how do I get the Hub to play them together. Thanks

If the subs-file is SRT it’s pretty simple. Just name the subs to match the movie title + _language…


The Hulk (2006).mkv

The Hulk (2006)_english.srt

Then by pressing the “subtitles” button on your remote, you should get the option… “english”

If its an mkv, you can burn & force them in when you convert.  I have a few Chinese Martial Arts movies that I use the English soundtrack to, but it has certain parts where it needs subs, like for translating signs.  So I burn & force those subs on to make them inherent to the movie instead of being seperate.