I've been waiting 10 days for an answer from support desk

I’ve been waiting 10 days for an answer from support desk … how much longer should I expect to wait?

I know what you are saying … I should have checked here first, but  ha …TEN days waiting ? what kind of service is that?

Anyway if anyone out there has a fix it would be very much appreciated hearing from you, this is what I entered on my ticket as follows:-

Have a problem with My Book Essential external drive failing to back up, it has worked very successfully on a previous laptop, but since I changed to a new laptop, I have had limited success on my backups. I’m using the SmartWare software.

I have a huge amount of files that  are not being backed up with the message “the system cannot find the specified path” and as a consequence it seem like this has caused some kind of blockage, I’m not technical but that’s how I see it. What can I do to clear it?

This happens in both File & Category mode.

Can you give me some idea how this can be overcome, I’ve attached a screen shot.


A Gillham

Try uninstalling the software and reinstalling

also make sure running the latest version 

In addition to uninstall and reinstall SmartWare, you may also check if you have installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0:   http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17718