I've been unable to upload data from my smart phone since end of March 2014

I’ve been receiving updates from a Jim Murphy, President, WD Subsidiary - that they have fixed it somehow.   Anyway,

am not a techie so I don’t know if the ‘problems’  being encountered by others is the same as mine.  HOwever, I

consulted with a techie and he did a quick run of my system and he said everything was fine at my end.

Then I tried to do the email support and I get a message that my WDcloud which I bought last December is already out of warranty?  What the?

H-E-EL-L-P-P!  How do I deal with these ineffective ways to fix my “connection” problem?  I don’t have the time to sit out the long hold to get to a LIVE PERSON!  Someone out there who has a better contact number I can use?


Try resetting the drive and power cycling it.

If you want to contact support you can try the link below:

General Phone Support