I've been a WD user for the past 25 years, and am having problems

… with the WDCloud (and prior WD NAS devices) I had one of the World Book NAS devices a few years ago, and after a couple of years, it failed - okay, my bad. I recently purchased a 4TB personal cloud from Costco, and I must say that it is the worst WD device yet - I need to reboot repeatedly just to get it to be remotely reasonable regarding access and data transfer. (Yes, it has the latest 4.x firmware). I’ve tried every one of the solutions posted, and nothing is changed: reboot and everything is okay for a day or so, then unacceptable data transfer rates. Then the browser dashboard loads at 300 baud rates, and with exceeding annoyance, I unplug the unit. I recall 1200 baud dialup modem data transfer rates faster than this device. (yes, my network cards, switches, and router are all gigabit, and everything is hard wired - I’ve checked countless posts regarding the awful performance issues with WDCloud devices) I’m sure this post will be deleted shortly, but will serve as a warning to at least a few unsuspecting folks considering purchasing. After all, if the administrators of this forum feel the need to post a “troll” warning, that in itself should tell us (and them) all how disgusted people are with Western Digital. By the way, in 25 years of being in the computer industry, this is the first time I have ever posted a message like this about any product, and as you can clearly see, I’m entirely fed up with Western Digital and will NEVER purchase one again, and will recommend the same to the IT people in my institution. It’s a good thing that Costco will take this worthless piece of junk back without any questions asked.

I don’t have this problems and I’m not a 25 year customer…  ;-)

Transfer rates are really good and I never have to reboot. Very satisfied customer here!

Are you kiding?

I guess I must be the unluckiest WD user in the companies history.  With a claimed MTBF of 300,000 hours, I figure that I should have about 34.2 years of service.  Because I have less than 2 years on two WD devices purchased years apart, I would rate that as extremely bad luck (or a product that does not deliver as promised).

Yes, I consider “failure” of the unit as what qualifies as MTBF, not just the drive itself.  If WD promised a MTBF of their NAS devices as 17,520 hours (2 years) I’d have never purchased it.

owgpz wrote:

With a claimed MTBF of 300,000 hours, I figure that I should have about 34.2 years of service.  

That’s an incorrect understanding of MTBF.

Very simply put, MTBF is the point where 63% of devices will have failed statistically at or before 300,000 hours.


Granted, but 2 years?  The only other drive I’ve had fail in about 25 years is a Seagate, and am using 2 computer at home, and 5 at work

owgpz wrote:

Granted, but 2 years?  

2 years is but one data point.