iTunes yet again

I have been reading the numerous iTunes threads here (gosh there are a lot of them) and have yet to find a solution.

The setup:

I have the 1 tera World Book II, White Light.

Firmware is at 01.02.12.

UPnP is off.  MioNet is off as I have no intention of accessing it from beyond my LAN.  Didn’t make a difference when it was on.

I have the iTunes service enabled.  It is sharing /Public/Shared Music.  Checks for music every: 1 Day.

/Public/Shared Music has 38.4 gb of content.

I’m running iTunes on Win7.

My iTunes music library is local to the laptop.  I want the laptops local library to be relatively small and only contain the stuff I listen to most frequently.  I want the NAS device to have the stuff I access less frequently.

Twonky is running.

The problem:

It shows up in iTunes, but never populates the content.  I’ve let it sit for over 30min without seeing the content.

I’ve turned off the iTunes service, rebuilt the twonky database, then re-enabled sharing.  No diff.

I am not seeing anything in the setup that looks like a problem.  I have not performed the paperclip reset yet, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything first.

Whan the heck am I overlooking?

Edit: No problem browsing to the device.  The problem is only with iTunes.  iTunes is at v10.5.3.3

Chk the link bellow for more info.

You can also try this in the mean time.

Dang!  Thats… downright irritating.

Well, thanks Alucard.  Gotta decide where I’m going to go with this next I guess.  Drive replacement?  iTunes replacement?  I used to play with Songbird.  Maybe I’ll try that again.

Thanks again.

Did you tried the steps from the second link?

Second link isn’t relevant.  It’s about moving the iTunes library.  I didn’t want to move my iTunes library - it’s already on the local machine.  I just wanted the NAS media server to show up in iTunes and according to the first link, iTunes 10.5 and the device are incompatable.

I’ve just bought a My Book World Edition Duo (white light)on the grounds it was £25 cheaper than the iomega equiv.

So far I’ve been unhappy as no itunes support if running itunes 10.5 - which I need for my iphone and ipad - so moving down to itunes 10.2 would be useless for me (and as the drive has only just been bought I can return) though equally useless would be swapping the unit for a Iomega equiv as they’re struggling with the same issues.

I believe I have found a work around with a few restrictions.

I CAN now stream my music from the WD to my Macs (G4s) in itunes 10.5. 

I CAN also play shared music from itunes on ipad2 and iphone 3GS.

I SHOULD be able to check with a PC later but it’s already 3am.

I’m not a programmer but have used Macs for a long time now through my day job and have solved many a challenge on OSXServer. if you’re desperate to listen to music through itunes 10.5 I’ll post what I did rather than try and explain if no ones listening / if this has already been solved.

I’d be mighty interested to hear your solution…

Ok - was going to try and retrace my steps, may do that tomorrow to be sure. From memory and not by the computer. What I did was took my entire music library and put it onto the WD in the public music folder so that it the next folder was the album folders. I then copied all the blank .xml and other iTunes stuff from a fresh copy of iTunes 10.5.2 I then restarted the new iTunes 10.5.2 while holding down the (option) key so that it asks me where the iTunes Library is. (I can’t remember what key it was on the keyboard but you’ll know when you find it and it’s to the left of the space bar). I then told it the new Location, it runs through the music, which can take some time and displays it, plays it, we’re done! Running this way means that the computer sees the music as being the default location and not an ‘add on’ library. I’ve now told my computer to boot iTunes immediately on start up which means as long as that computer is on I can see and play my iTunes Library on my iPhone and iPad as its the default location for the default user. As I had another copy of my itunes I had nothing to lose, i can still resync my phone on my other computer for now but I aim to rebuild my iTunes on the other computer as I want it to use the same library by default (at the moment I can access it through shared). This could go wrong but I’m hoping that if I do it right I can then have the iPad and iPhone pulling their sync from the NAS as well (at the moment they can share the library but are pulling their sync etc from the old library on the other machine). I hope this makes sense. I’ll try and post a dodgy YouTube video about it as I think it’s easier to see than to write. EDIT: I did write this with spaces in, sorry for the block.

Otherwise (like WD says), the only chance is to downgrade to version 10.2…on this page is possible to download all the versions of iTunes for Mac and Win: