iTunes with My Cloud Home

Hi there,

I bought a My Cloud Home thinking it would solve my storage problems, as I have over 700 GB of music. After taking a week and a half to back up the music onto it, I made the iTunes Media location point to the My Cloud Home, which works OK until I try to update my iCloud Music Library, which has caused a lot of problems such as iTunes thinking it can’t locate songs when they are actually there.

Also, updating iCloud Music Library is really slow. I know Genius has a lot of issues, and deleting the Genius file helps quite a lot, but I don’t want to stop iCloud Music Library because I use it to access music on the go or at work.

Anyone had any experience with this or am I wasting my time?

The way I did it once was to move within Finder the music library to the MCH private space and create an alias in the former library location with the exact same name point to the moved folder.

The moving was very slow.
It kinda worked but everything was slow as hell and it did not like very much the upgrade to Catalina and the new music app.