ITUNES - WD MYBOOK WORLD - White Light - Itunes not loading files - PLEASE HELP!

a few questions:

Running itunes 10.6 on osx Lion. Most recent wd firmware on the HD.

I placed single .mp3 files into the shared music folder on the drive, and also placed folders containing an album inside of it.

when i go into itunes and select mybookworld - it loads… and loads… and loads… and nothing shows up.

I was wondering if anyone was able to get around this issue? And also, is it preferred to just place single files in the shared music folder, or are subfolders also EVENTUALLY recognized.

Thanks for your help!

Make sure you have setup the iTunes music sever

did all of that… AND downgraded to itunes 10.6.1

when i click on a file in the shared folder, it goes into itunes, but into my library. (it plays just fine) BUT…when i click on the mybookworld it just loads and loads still… FRUSTRATEDDDDD!!! - ITUNES CAPTURE - WD CAPTURE

can anyone help me? :frowning:

Yes.  Downgrade to iTunes 10.2 on your Mac: