iTunes, Tivoli and mybooklive

Hi there:

I think questions like this have been asked quite a lot, but I’d like to ask it again.

I just bought a mybook live 2 tb NAS and I’m quite impressed.

My partner and I have two separate mac laptops and two separate iTunes collections.  What is the best way to stream our itunes music off our tivoli networks device? 

Should we move our music files into separate private shares and use the twonky server? I’ve tested this with one album and works really  nicely, but I’d like to keep the playlists and genre sortying that I’ve got set up in itunes.

Given this, what is the best way to move the itunes library to the NAS so that the tivoli can access it?  Is there a way that we’ll be able to access those iTunes files from remote (like if we’re at work or something?)

Running Mac OS 10.6.8, iTunes 11.0.2.  Thank you for your assistance.

Check if the steps on the following link help.