iTunes Store Bought Media, 6TB LiveDuo, Apple TV 1st Gen

Hi, I’m trying to setup a Live Duo with an iTunes Library containing about 1TB of store bought iTunes video.  I would like to play this on a TV connected to the network with an Apple TV 1st Gen.

Is this possible in any way?  Don’t mind an alternative to the ATV/jailbreaking but it must play store bought m4v’s which in a test at home the LiveStreaming Hub won’t.

Thank you for any input.

Hi, the MBLD has an iTunes server, check if the link below helps in your case.

I’m currently doing the same thing MiloMilo. I heard there were issues using the My Book Live Duo as an iTunes Server due to changes in recent iTunes software. I think this work around will work.

1.) Move your media to the MBL Duo.

2.) Select all of the video files in the Finder window.

3.) Hold the “Control” key and then drag all the files into your iTunes library.

Explaination: What this does is only send the metadata and path route information to iTunes. Holding the control button disables the files from being copied to your original iTunes Folder structure. Try this with one or two videos and see if it works. You can make sure the Control holding worked by right clicking the file in iTunes and then selecting Get Info and make sure the file path says something likes Volumes\MY-EXTERNAL-DRIVE-WHATEVER-I_NAMED_IT.

Best of luck!