iTunes - shared WDMyCloud

So I have a folder in my WD My Cloud personal storage called Movies…there I have all my movies in mp4. format. I open iTunes and I see the shared option and I click on WDMyCloud to see my media (music/movies/tv shows) however I can’t see my movies in iTunes. I see my music files that I have stored in another folder under Music but not the movies. Is there a way I can see my movies in iTunes via shared WDMyCloud? Maybe I’m doing something wrong or I’m not saving the movies in the correct folder.


Last time I checked the iTunes Server service only supported the following file types:

  • *.mp3
  • *.wav
  • *.aac

Movie files are not supported.

You are better off moving your iTunes library to the My Cloud (store it in the Shared Music directory). Then Map a share or point iTunes to the Shared Picture folder.  There is a number of tutorials out on the net on how to do this. Quick intro below, but I would research it more to get better details.

  1. In iTunes’s prerefence, in advance, choose your My Cloud folder.

  2. Be sure the two items below are checked (Keep itunes forder organize, AND  copy files to media folder)

  3. In the File Menu -> Library -> Organize Library -> Check Consolidates files and OK That’s it

Why better off in the Shared Music directory? And if so which, mirrored or uploaded.

Also, how do I get the My Cloud to ‘automatically’ mount on the Mac so Itunes can find its library?

When I said “better off”, just stating my personal preferences. You can use the built in iTunes server (which has some limitations, or use the method I mentioned above to run iTunes off the My Cloud).

Just put it in the Shared Music Directory… not in the other ones you mentioned… just root level.

Do a google search on moving iTunes to a NAS… lots of talk and examples on how to do that - even in Apple’s forums.

I just want to be able to:(a) store my music on my new 3TB external drive; but (b) still be able to copy tunes/albums to my iphone or (gasp) ipod.  I don’t care about streaming, whether at home or “over the cloud” . . .

I just want to be able store my tunes (and movies, tv shows, and other video content), add it to my iTunes cataglogue, and be able to drag and drop to a connected device.


I have enabled the iTunes media server, can view and play music I have stored in the Shared Music folder - yet I can’t copy a darn file to my iPhone through Itunes.  What gives?

if i copy and keep sync between imac and my cloud for other device in house would i see my soong twice on imac?