iTunes shared drive shows partial music, missing ID3 tags

Transferred my iTunes library to MBL using the consolidate feature - all went fine.  I enabled iTunes server on the drive, however when I try to access the files using “Shared” on iTunes on another PC or Mac in my network, I:

1.  Only see a small percentage of my music files

2.  See that many of the ID3 tags appear missing, so that music shows “Unknown” for Artist, Album, etc.; interestingly, some files do display ID3 tags properly, however.

3.  The expected subfolders under the Shared drive in iTunes (Music, Movies, etc) do not appear, though an empty Playlist folder does.

I have completed basic troubleshooting I believe, tried rescanning the iTunes library from the MBL interface, rebooted the drive, etc.

Using Netgear WNR2000v2 wireless router, current MBL firmware, iTunes


This could be a possibility:

In i tunes did those music files have id3 tags to begin with? Or were they added on later? It actually depends on where the music originated.

Not sure.  An update:  I was a little impatient.  I now can see all of the files in my library; apparently the iTunes server in MBL takes a little while to index everything. 

But the ID3 tag issue is still there.  I don’t know if the files that are “missing” tags were added later, but based on a few observations it looks like the ones with missing tags were encoded using the v2.4 ID3 standard.  The others - whose tags I can see - use the v2.3 standard.  I’m in the midst of converting all of the files to the v2.3 standard to see if that makes a difference.  Perhaps the MBL iTunes server doesn’t recognize the v2.4 tagging??

Okay, converted all ID3s to the v2.3 but didn’t make a difference.  Dontt see that original iTunes encoding makes any difference either - some of the files that I can’t see the tags on were originally iTunes encoded.

Reviving and old thread…

Mud, I’m having the same issue.  CDs ripped to my original iTunes library are fine, but after transfering to the MBL, I’m having the same issue.  For example, all of my U2 songs are listed as “Adam Clayton/The Edge/Bono/That Other Guy”.

WD, any help?

I’ve got the same issue, but not to that magnitude.

About 100 of my 3300 MP3s are showing UNKNOWN across the board.