ITunes Sever Info in Knowledge Base. I have a question about that


I have some issues in iTunes server. So, I searched the knowlege base and  in “iTunes server and how it works on a WD network drive”. I found the instruction set. but it does not match . I installed also WD Link in Windows.


To enable or disable the iTunes Server Service:

  1. Ensure that the device is powered on and connected to the network.
  2. Click Start.
  3. Click All Programs (on Windows XP this will just be Programs ).
  4. Click WD Link.
  5. Launch the WD Link application.
  6. Click on the drive you wish to set up the iTune library for in the Devices Found list.
  7. Click on Configure.
  8. The login page appears. Type in the administrator name and password.
  9. On the iTunes Server Service page, click Enable next to iTunes Service to enable it. Or, deselect the option to disable it.
  10. Specify how often iTunes can scan the device for new music files.
  11. Click Submit.


on step 8,  it takes me to the dashbord without typing in admin paaswd and that may be due to I did not set it. The, I needed to go to Settings->Media->iTunes. I enabled it  there but  I don’t have the choice of you mentioned in !0 and also  no submit.

Is there a new version of this Dashborad?



No, the docs are what are out of date.  Step 10 isn’t needed.