iTunes Setup Process on World Edition

Hi there,

can I kindly ask a volunteer to share his/her simple step by step process of setting up iTunes on WD World Edition? I have been reading too many posts that are quite confusing :cry:

My quick ones on this topic are:

  1. Do you move your iTunes Library file [db] to the music section?
  2. The iTunes Library has more than just music (books/videos/…etc), what happens to these?
  3. Do you export from the iTunes Library and then store on WD World Edition?

I haven’t started yet, but about to consider this option.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Scarabaeus,

If you want to play your iTunes Library from your MB WE, you have two cases:

  1. Use the inbuilt iTunes sharing. This means you are publically (on the local network) the library to all the people who have iTunes installed. This is NOT optimal if you wish to you use your MB WE as a network HDD. You will be able to add files as such, but this is will limit in what you can and can’t do (i.e. buy songs etc…)

  2. Use the NAS as a fileserver and trick the OS into playing the songs as if it was off a local HDD. To do this, follow Apple’s guide: **iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder **or  iTunes for Windows: Moving your iTunes Media folder

Hope this helps :wink:

Thanks for that.

I was opting for option 2 anyway, which means moving the library folder and pointing ITunes to it.

For this, I don’t really need a Network storage HD, as any external HD will do. Also, this means that the fixed segregation into music, pictures and video on the HD is superfluous.

Also realised that copying “non-jpg” pictures to the HD is not supported. And the firmware is not Lion ready too.

I wonder if this was not a complete misinvestment. :mansad: