iTunes Server - updating library

I expect this is a simple question but one I wanted to get clarification on.

I have successfully copied my iTunes library onto the My Book Live and can access it via all my network devices using the iTunes server facility. So all good.

But I will of course continue to buy / import music onto my laptop with the library stored on it.


So how can I copy additional music from the library on my laptop to the My Book, without having to search out the newly created folder to then copy to the NAS?

This isn’t a direct answer to your question, but instead an iTunes tip.

If you select any song in your iTunes Library, and type Command-R (on a Macintosh) or Control-R on Windows, it will jump to the directory containing the original file. You can then easily copy it to your MyBook library. It just saves searching for it manually.

I was looking for similar functionality where, via iTunes media share, you can copy songs that exist in one library on a pc to another library on another pc (same network) where the song doesnt exist. Unfortunately the option isnt available for an iTunes server.

Thanks for the suggestion, was already doing it via the right click - view in Windows Explorer option - guess thats going to be the best approach.