iTunes Server showing all audio files in MBL as playlist & albums being split, any help please?

I recently purchased a MBL just before Christmas and setup was quick and easy. I’ve copied most of my files (including my installation discs for all my software - this is a key piece of info as you’ll see later…) into the NAS and I’m now starting to copy my media files. Before I did this, I enabled iTunes Server on the MBL dashboard (or whatever one calls it).

I’ve connected iTunes (Win7) to the MBL using the Shared function in iTunes. However, the server is showing under playlist every audio file on the MBL. My questions are as follows:

  1. How do I delete this playlist of over 11000 audio files (these are *.wav files, *.mp3, etc. from various installation discs I have backed up on the MBL) AND ensure iTunes (or iTunes Server) doesn’t recreate it each time?
  2. I tested the Shared Music folder by adding a full album. However, because the album is a compilation album of two singers with each singing their own tracks, I tagged the tracks with both artists as ‘album artist’ and under ‘artist’ I specified each artist individually (e.g. artist 01 did tracks 1, 3, 5 while artist 02 did tracks 2, 4, 6). In iTunes client, this shows the album as a single album with all tracks rolled up under it. But in iTunes server, it shows the albums as two separate albums with the same album name but different artists. Upon further examination I switched the view to songs and noticed that under album artist they were no longer showing as Artist 01&Artist 02 (as I’d tagged them), but instead they’d been split up which would explain why the album view showed two separate albums. Question is why is this happening?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Update 2013-02-20: Just also noticed that for issue #2 above, the track numbers are also gone. Seems the id3 tagging is not being retained completely. Also the files are ALAC, apple lossless.

The iTunes server will scan all the music files that you have in the public folder and make them available on iTunes. Don’t really know how you would delete the playlist. 

But shouldn’t it be scanning the public media folders (Shared Music/Pictures/Videos) as opposed to the entire public folder? I don’t want to see all the media files my MBL has, just the ones in the media folders. 

Yes, it will only scan the music in the shared music folder. 

But it isn’t. In my particular case, it scanned the public folder
e.g. V:\mbl\public
is being scanned when it should be:
V:\mbl\public\shared music

So what do I need to do to get this resolved?