iTunes server question (and bug ?)


Yesterday I imported some files from my laptop’s iTunes folder to the MBL Public shared folder.

Now, when I run iTunes on my laptop, I can connect the the “MyBookLive” library, but I have 2 problems:

  • The Artist name for music I bought on the iTunes Store (AAC files) shows the Composer name (and Composer name is empty)

  • Video files are not visible (I transfered video podcasts and video bought on the store)

Thanks in advance for the help


Nobody has that king of problem ?


Recently I also bought a MBL 3T. First of all I’m glad that the Itunes 10.5 problem was resolved with the last firmware update. But I now have a similar problem. All my songs are displayed, the album is correctly displayed however all the artists names are, I suspect, the names of the composers or something like that. Some of these are okay but for exampel if I’m looking for the Rolling Stones have to enter Richards/Jagger to be able to find the album if enter rolling stones Itunes can’t find it.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.


Hey me again, just forgot to add that the twonky media server does not present this problem. So I’m guessing it has to do with the changes made in Itunes which started the sharing problem in the first place.

Hi, and thank you for the feedback

WD team, are you aware of this bug, and a you working on a patch ?

What about movies problems. Is it possible to share the movies I’ve bought on the apple store using the MBL’s iTunes server ?


Nobody ?


So, nobody here shares mp4 or m4v videos using the MBL iTunes server ?


Is there someone from WD team reading this forum ?

User manual indicates it’s possible to share videos using the iTunes server, but I can’t make it work

Any help would be greatly appreciated (I have the feeling my posts are invisible :cry:)



I am having the exact same problem, I can access music via the iTunes Server however I cannot see any videos what-so-ever. Has anyone found a solution for this?

I am wondering if it is an issue with Lion perhaps.

Hello it’s me again.

I’m not sure but the itunes server seemes to have an issue with files that have somekind protection. I found that m4p aren’t found by the server. I’m guessing the files are secured so no other user but you can use these files. Be it music or film. So I’m afraid that for now you have to either remove the copyprotection or Stream those movies and music with your computer on which your itunes program has his library.