Itunes server not seeing files in public folder but does in new shares

i know of the problem with intunes update but i am on the newest firmware so my music streaming shouldnt be an issue…

for some reason my music in my Public Music Folder does not appear in itunes…the public share does have media sharing all selected and i have rescanred the intues library

when i create a new share and put music there, they show in itunes…id rather have all my music in public share folders, since we can not delte those folders, to be more organized…i hate having extra folders

anything i can do? 


i just realized a new problem this is causing…since Twonky only scans files in my Public Share id end up having 2 copies of every file, one just for itunes and 1 for all other devices

any help is appreciated…thanks!

anyone please??

i dont want to transfer my huge music library until i know where ill permanetly be keeping my music because I have noticed even moving files from folder to folder on the MBL takes long time as well

djcyph wrote:

…Twonky only scans files in my Public Share…

Twonky will serve any folder you have marked as “Media Serving” in the share setting.

i dont believe it did when i had any new share marked as media sharing but i will try again when home…

any help on my original problem? no files in Public folders show up in itunes 

So you’re saying that, when you select your MyBook Live under the SHARED menu, you see nothing in the Playlist window?


yes that is correct Tony…like I said if I create a new share for music the songs are in the playlist window but i want to get it working in the public folder

im on a Mac running itunes 10.5…i may downgrade intues to 10.2 to get the video function im assuming that will fix the issue but i know music is suppossed to be workingwith 10.5 with the latest MyBook firmware update so i would like to try to figure that out

on a PC running itunes 9 the files in public share appear fine

any solution besides downgrading itunes?

thanks bud

Hmmm.   I wonder if it’s a specific MAC issue?

I’m running iTunes 10.5.0 on my Win7 PC and all my music is in Public/Shared Music.

yea its looking like it might be just Mac related…

gotta figure out what to do at this point…either downgrade itunes or put music in new share

if i can get the moving files between shares fastly to work, i think putting my stuff in my new share would be my best option till WD updates firmware again