iTunes Server-compatible iTunes replacement?


So, iTunes 10.5 is no longer compatible with the iTunes Server bundled with the MBWE.  iTunes 10.5 is a pre-requisite for iOS 5, so there’s no downgrading for me.  But is there an iTunes replacement for OS X “Snow Leopard” that _is_ compatible, and will allow me to access my iTunes Server on the NAS?


I posted on your other thread about this.

Hey there,

I think you misunderstood my question.  In this thread I’m asking if there’s a compatible player for Snow Leopard that can access an iTunes Server.  It’s common knowledge now that iTunes 10.5 is bugged as a player, but if you’re right and the iTunes Server in 1.02.12 can stream ALAC files (as you say suggest in my other thread), then I’d be happy to play them on my Macs using something other than iTunes.