iTunes Server and Sonos - setup help

I’m not sure I get how iTunes Server works.

My CDs have been ripped to folders now sitting under shared music.  Sonos can see these with no problem.   iTunes shows the mybook live under share but it has nothing in it.  Is the iTunes Server meant to see the music in folders and make them available OR do I have to create an iTunes library on the NAS?

If I have to create an iTunes library on the NAS and remove all the original music folders, will Sonos still find all the music?

Hope someone can explain this.



If you wish to share over the network your Itunes library, you will need to, either move or recreate, your library in the NAS.

Regarding the Sonos, once is in the NAS, it should be able to see it, but I have not play with one of this speakers…sadlly… :cry:

There was a thread on here from a while back where a user pointed out that he got it to work with Sonos… Search and see if there is any info in there. Have you looked at Sono’s forums as well?