iTunes Purchases Download directly to my My Book Live Duo

I recently consolidated my itunes library to my My Book Live Duo (however not as an itunes server, only as a file storage location).

I have recently purchase a number of TV show episodes from itunes after this, initially they started downloading directly to the My Book Live Duo location, & for whatever reason the file download location reverted back to the old location on my iMac and others downloaded to that location.

  1. The ones that downloaded directly to the My Book Live Duo do not play in itunes (a message comes up with “this file requires quick time which is not supported on this version of itunes” or to that effect. I am running the latest version of iTunes ) and in the Get Info - Summary part of the episode in itunes there is limited info about the file, the rest is blank.

These episodes have no issue play through my apple TV however.

  1. The ones that downloaded directly to my iMac have no issue playing and have a lot more info in the Get Info section, ie. apple id or purchaser, video Resolution, etc.

  2. TV shows in my library that i consolidated originally to the my book live duo do not have any issues with playing.

Anyone know what the issue could be with regards to 1. above?


It sounds to me more an issue with iTunes than with the My Book Live.  You may check in Apple Support to see if this is a known issue with network drives.

What is the name of the share that you keep your iTunes library on, and is it the same every time? Open up Terminal (easily spotlight’d) and run “df” to see what mount points (starts with /Volumes/) everything is being assigned. If there is more than one remote share, local volume, or USB drive with the same name here, then something is going to be bumped to a different name(2). The name you gave to your MyBookLive doesn’t figure into this, only the share name is used, so making a share called “Beetlejuice” and having your system drive named “Beetlejuice” is a conflict. Plugging in an equally named USB stick would just make things a whole lot worse :wink:

Oh, and double check iTunes Preferences/Advanced for the media folder location, too.