iTunes purchase plays but no audio

I have just purchased my first album on iTunes, copied to the hub and the files appear (and play) but no audio comes out??? have checked all options ticked under audi/video output ie aac, dts etc.

any suggestions?

You can’t play iTunes media if it’s protected with DRM.

Hmmm I thought iTunes had dropped the DRM…

Not entirely, and being able to tell which is which can be rather difficult.

If a track costs $0.99, it almost definately has DRM.   If a track costs $1.29, it probably doesn’t.

But neither case is guaranteed…

thanks - these were cheapies - i guess I’ll buy elsewhere next time - seems stupid to make it difficult to play your own files!.

Try this: -

Setup / A/V options, and if you’re using HDMI or OPTICAL, disable AAC.

Some players can’t handle AAC.

Alternatively, convert your audio files to mp3 format.

Thanks, disabling AAC worked