iTunes problem with Sonos

After recent NAS purchase I have issue with playing music via iTunes using Sonos app. Has always and still works well (e.g. on iPad) using MacBook Air but after copying files to NAS and setting up Mycloud and Sonos I cannot get all my music to display or play correctly. About 20% of albums show artwork and stream well but the rest usually state error adding tracks to playlist (1002) and the system stalls (always the same albums). I have looked around for ideas and the only thing that seems to be likely is perhaps a metadata issue for most of my music perhaps with Linux on the NAS. If I look at the folders section on the Sonos app everything appears to be present and correct. Apologies for long post but can anyone help please? Thanks in advance

So three things involved here, so what makes you think My Cloud is to blame? My iTunes music folder plays fine from my My Cloud to anything I play it to. I would suspect Sonos, since from what I know about it from helping others here, it is a DNLA device only, and therein lies potential issues. Contact Sonos forum or support.

Thanks for your reply. I am new to this NAS game and any help would be appreciated. I haven’t assumed it’s Mycloud at fault, if anything quite the opposite but I thought I would post here in case anyone using Sonos has experienced anything similar. I posted on the Sonos community at the same time! The fact that all album artwork and music loads and plays from the Mycloud folder in the Sonos app suggests to me it’s likely to be a problem loading other groupings such as the album folder. I am hoping Sonos can assist.