iTunes on a PC that's remotely connected to my MyCloud

I have a very large music collection on iTunes at home.  I have no trouble playing tracks on my office PC using MyCloud software — if I can find the tracks I want to play.

The trouble is there’s no Search feature that I can find on the MyCloud software; and since iTunes arranges the tracks from albums in its own weird folder structure, if I want to play through an entire album which contains several artists, I can’t always find the tracks, much less play them in proper order.

Is there any way to get the iTunes on my PC to “see” the MyCloud’s music library files and show me albums, playlists, etc., as if they were stored locally on the office PC?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I can’t seem to find the answer in the manual.

Hi jdh02472, this is currently not possible, but you can make any suggestions for future updates in the ideas boards.

You could replace iTunes with a rational media library tool, then you wouldn’t have to suffer the obfuscation nightmare that is the iTunes folder hierarchy.  Files would be stored in a nice Artist/Album/Track hierarchy that you could navigate simply…

I have tried for years to find a rational media library tool.  Do you know of any??

Done.  I hope it’s properly posted as a request.  If not, feel free to move it!


If you use a PC, then look at MediaMonkey; I’ve used it for years, and find it very rational.  It’s what I now use to maintain my music library on my MC.  It will even undo the obfuscation on iThings, pulling music off into logical folders.

I discussed it, and some other alternatives, on this thread:

Oh, and some alternatives here, too:

Thanks.  I’ll look this up, just for the info.  But I’m on Mac.



There are alternatives to iTunes on a Mac. Google ‘iTunes alternatives’ for lots of suggestions.