Itunes not fully loading Library

Hello all,

I recently purchased a MBL and have transfered copied all my music, videos and photos to the drive in the default shared folder. I am able to see and access all the files using windows explorer just fine.

I have been trying to complete a library build in iTunes, under the shared drive, the problem I seem to have is that it only seems to be loading half of my actual music base. I have a total of 8414 albums and approx 114550 tracks as listed by iTunes. After doing numerous scans in the MBL Dash Board, I only get 71395 of the total album tracks listed. I have let the program scan overnight, but this amount is the most it has gotten so far. Some rebuilds have been even less. I’m hoping someone can let me know if I am doing something wrong and or if they have had the same issue. Also, once the drive is scanned, will it show a completed indication, as I have not gotten a completerd indication, just the announcement that the scan has been initiated, when I select scan drive in the iTunes tab.

Also, I have been looking for one other thisng, and that is once a drive is scanned, is the list view the only view available to me through iTunes? I cannot seem to get an album view of what is scanned.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

It might take a while to scan all of the songs, I have like 500GB of music files and it took 1 1/2 days to recognize all of them.

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Thanks, you were correct, it just took a very long time to scan all the music, almost 2 days, unforntunately I have come accross another issue. It does not save the completed scan, if I close itunes for any reason, and go back later and turn it back on, especially if I reboot for an update or anything, I lose the scan and have to rescan, this is insane, as it take so long each time.