Itunes media server won't update Itunes Library


Itunes version:

WD ShareSpace firmware version: 2.02.93

We already got some problems in the past with updates of Itunes that could not get connected to the WDSharespace Itunes media server. This was solved with a WDSharespace firmware update.

Now I’m having a new problem, a little bit different. When Itunes get connected to the WDShareSpace Itunes media server, it doesn’t show the new musics added after the last Itunes update. Even after waiting the refresh delay, even after restarting both the PC and the WDShareSpace drive. These newly added musics have been physically copied to the WDShareSpace drive and effectively added to the Itunes library by Itunes itself, but afterward, Itunes doesn’t show them when I select the WDSharespace tab under Share section of Itunes side bar.

So my questions are, is it a known issue? Is there a new WD ShareSpace firmware update available?

Any help most appreciated


Right now there’s no new update for the SS, and if this started to happen after updating iTunes then it seems like a compatibility issue. If I were you I’d either downgrade iTunes to the previous version to work right away, or wait for the next SS update.

Yup, that’s what I am doing. Waiting. Thx for the input.

After a whole week waiting, I got an answer from the technical support. The answer follows:

Is the new added music is stored under “Public/Share Music” folder?
Is iTunes service under Media/iTunes in the user interface is enable and thus check for new music every xx min is specified? for example “Check for new music every 30 minutes” then you need to wait about 30 minutes.

Not only the answer to these questions is already in my original post but does it take a whole week to come to such basic questions? Very disapointing. Anyway I responded and I’m still waiting. Let’s hope it takes less time to respond now.

It was a problem with a bad mp3 track. Too bad the Firefly service can’t manage those tracks in a better way. Bad track was identified with the usual Firefly debug mode, then removed and restarted.