iTunes media folder moved to NAS - not recognizing app updates or new music

I have my entire iTunes media folder loaded on my MBL and had been using it this way for over a year with no problems. I use my PC to access iTunes from the MBL.  PC, MBL, and iTunes all have most recent versions installed.

Recently, when I download an app update through iTunes or burn a CD into my iTunes library, it does not “appear” in iTunes.  I know it has been saved on my NAS though. For example, if I burn a CD using iTunes, it will not show up in iTunes in my music library, but I can find the file manually by searching in my iTunes directory saved on my MBL.  Also, I use Sonos (a music device that is also connected to my network and accesses my NAS) and am able to play that CD through Sonos because it is recognized as music on my NAS.  Another example, I recently updated 30 apps for my iPad through iTunes. The next time I loaded iTunes, it did not recognize that I had already updated the apps, and showed the same 30 updates as needing to be applied again.

Any help would be appreciated. I don’t believe this has anything to do with iTunes 10.7 or iOS 6, because this issue has been occurring for about 4 months. 

Hi, you can try to rescan the itunes library from the dashboard, go to setting/media/itunes/ and press rescan.

Thanks, but unfortunately that did not work.  I am storing my entire iTunes Media Library on the NAS, and not necessarily using the iTunes server feature.  In other words, the iTunes program is launching from my PC and accessing the iTunes Media Folder directly on the NAS as the file path.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

I am getting this issue after the first day of owning my new 2TB MBL and having transfered all my itunes folder successfully to the new drive. iTunes opens fine and can access all current music and apps, but after trying to do an App update, it timed out with a -50 error in iTunes. When I transfer all my iTunes folder successfully to another external hard drive, I can access all the music and apps AND update them both. Is there a known resolution for this this issue? I am using iTunes 10.7.

Folks, running the ENTIRE iTunes library from a network location is dodgy at best.   This is not a vendor-specific problem, it’s how iTunes was developed.

All you need to do is google the phrase

iTunes database on a network drive

and you’ll see lots of descriptions of what’s going on.

Apple does *NOT* want you to run iTunes from a network share – they simply will not write the code for proper support of it.  

Here’s a fairly brief overview of what can happen if iTunes is ever launched before the network share is ready:

I have been running iTunes data on a shared External USB Drive plugged into a Router for months now and no real issue other than speed of access using it over USB. Moving it all to the NAS, I thought it would run faster but it seems it does not want to update at all - running seems fine however!