iTunes library wont go away in MBWE

Hi Experts,

I have a My Book World Edition (white light) with firmware 01.02.14 with MioNet

The Enable check box in “Service” in the iTunes tab is unchecked. Still the device shows as shared music library in iTunes.

I tried reboting, and the library disappears from iTunes while the thing reboots but it comes back again.

Checking or unchecking the enable box, with intermediate reboots, doesn’t make a difference.

There are some mp3 files in the public/music folder but the library will not work. Trying to open it in iTunes does nothing.

How can I get rid of that useless shared iTunes library?

Thanks in advance!



Have you tried resetting the MBWE? 

Check page # 173 of the User’s Manual.

Hi HDKnows,

yes I tried both reseting and rebooting, and the library is still there!


Restored to factory settings, disabled iTunes and library still there …


I recommend you contact support directly.

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