iTunes Library Organization

I want to organize lists of sound files (mpg, wav) so that the look like albums in the iTunes library. I don’t see any obvious approach to this. I add the metsa data to the file, but iTunes does not 'see’them as part of the samecollection. Manually adding them to a folder does not work as iexpect it to. Thanks for any help.

Have you looked at the iTunes web site and all the information provided there. Since your question is aboutl iTunes why don’t you ask your question on their site?

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cat0w (USA)

Check out this guys website.  He is very active in the apple support forums.

I started there, but they want an Apple device SN to provide support. I tried here because for a time i was using my WD NAS(my book world white light) as media server. Windows 8 killed that idea sinc there is no support for Memeo or WD Backup Anywhere, or even for using WD sw to link and map the drives. The backup is still there but it is at least a year old. Idecided to try a restore from Apple’s cloud backup (match). Looks like it will work, but has been running six hours so far on fast Ethernet. Thanks for your help.