iTunes library on wd live duo quite slow

Hi all, 

A  month ago I transferred my entire library of iTunes media to the wd live duo, so I can access the misic also on my sonos system as well as my pc amd my idevices. However when synching the iPad, iPod, iPhone or changing id3 tags iTunes is very slow. Is there any way to solve this slowness, so iTunes reacts a bit faster? 

It will all depend on your network connection. However you can try uninstalling the software and installing that back again…

I left the iTunes library with the mediq on the NAS but moved the iTunes database files to the hard disk. It is much faster now.

Please can you explain the difference between the iTunes database, and library?  Sorry I’m fairly new to this.

With Library I mean the map where all the media os stored. The database are the .itl files that normally are stored in the Itunes folder under (My) Music.

Hi Robby…wondering if you can explain this to a luddite like myself.  Here is what i have:

My itunes folder with all .itl files and media are on my 6TB MBLive as a Radi 1.  They are in the Public folder under music (media library includes movies as well).  It appears to work generally ok with my Sonos system and i just tried with Apple TV - movies play (stutter a bit) but audio on Apple TV doesn’t seem to work although it see the music. 

I do find the performance to be very slow.  I am on Verizon FIOS witht he MyBook Live connected tot he latet Airport Extreme base station.  Computer is Macbook Pro Retina with i7 processor, 8 MB ram.



I have Sonos as well amd that works fine, I don’t have Apple TV. When all was installed on the
Mybookliveduo it was slow to play on the pc. So I kept the database on hard disk and the files on the nas. A lot quicker now. Since I installed 500 Mbps power lines it is as everything is on hard disk.