iTunes library file repeatedly damaged

iTunes library file keeps appearing as damaged. All music is on the MyCloud device, full instructions were followed on original set-up. Has been functioning fine for nearly two years.
I have attempted to repair the damaged file with Apple’s instructions, no success.
I have tried to recreate the very large library album by album with proper consolidation and stored appropriately. Files repeatedly trigger a -39 unknown error (cannot back-up files).
I get a certain distance through the library re-build. Come back and re-open iTunes, iMac refuses to open music library, changes formerly working library to (damaged).
Apple claim their is a formatting issue that WD has to resolve.
Any ideas?

Hi nklester,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.

Thanks for the tip Brandon, I’ve now got a support case open and underway!

Did you get a solution. I am running into the same problem!

Unfortunately I had to give up with the WD device. Instead I installed a larger hard drive and put my files back into the computer itself. I suspect delays in the WD waking up/processing commands was having an effect on the communication between the Mac and the WD drive. I had some issues with the wired external drives I use (different brand) but nothing that caused such an ongoing issue!

Thanks for letting me know! I really appreciate it that you took the time :pray:
The odd thing is that I have 2! libraries and 1 of them remains unharmed.

I hope I can get it to work. I bought the 450 Euro’s drive mainly for this!

have a great weekend.