iTunes/iPhoto media library question

New user here. I’ve spent some time trying to research this topic; have also emailed WD Service and Support and had an insufficient response. Please forgive the question if it has already been discussed here in the past …

I’m looking for  a centralised storage device on my home network for an iTunes media library, movies, photos, and so on. My home network comprises two desktop Mac computers, one laptop Mac, and an Apple Time Capsule wireless router/backup device (500GB). In my household there are four of us; we each have our own login account on each computer.

The two options I am considering are:

i) a 1TB/2TB My Book Studio connected via USB2.0 to the Time Capsule and accessed via WiFi

ii) a 1TB/2TB My Book World Edition connected via Ethernet to the Time Capsule and accessed via WiFi

I appreciate that the MBWE lists the feature "iTunes® server support ". What I’m not clear about is how this makes a difference :wink:

Does the iTunes server mean that I would have a centralised media library with ‘Sharing’ enabled, and the iTunes clients on each of our accounts/machines would be configured to look for shared libraries? How would I load new media to the iTunes server on the MBWE?

Many thanks for reading this



I have just used the Itunes Server from the MyBook World edition.

Works like that:

  • You have to enable the server from the web configure tool and set up the refresh interval for ‘reindexing’ the files

  • You have copy your music files into Public/Shared Music folder

- Now you can acces the music files using iTunes. The music can be accesed from the Shared section in iTunes.