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Hi, I have set the location of my iTunes folder to the Public folder. This is to reduce the memory store on my mac and also so that I can access the library for my Sonos system. So far so good - except the folder does not update automatically. So if I add a new album to iTunes this will not show up in the MyCloud public folder or get picked up by my Sonos.

Am I using the right location for the iTunes folder? How can I make sure this updates automatically?

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated as I’ve been trying to solve this for a week without success.


I have the same setup, except I’m on Windows. Go to the Dashboard, Settings, Media, and manually rescan. I have had a time or two with the same issue and the manual scan fixed the problem. You also need to have your Sonos rescan.

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Thanks OGilley. I have tried this and no matter how many times I rescan it doesn’t seem to work. Any other thoughts?

Regards Shilpen 

Do you have and use WD SmartWare? If you do you can use it to backup your music to the public folder. See the images below. First you would want to set it up to backup to your Public folder.


After choosing the Public folder as shown above then click on the Backup tab. If all you want to have backed up to the Public folder is your music then under Advanced View select music and uncheck all the others. See image below.


Once this is setup and backed up be sure to choose the Backup Frequency you want to use.

Have you looked at and thought about using the iTunes server? The following comes from the WD My Cloud User Manual.

To enable or disable iTunes: 1. To enable iTunes to access your music files through your iTunes player, click the iTunes Server toggle switch as appropriate:  ON : Allows access (default setting)  OFF : Denies access 2. Click Rescan to update your media files. When the “iTunes rescan has been initiated” message displays, click OK .

See the Dashboard>Settings>Media.

Hello, catOw…thanks for your instructional post!  I think I can manage what you have described, but I just have one problem - WHERE do I go to get to the screen that your first screen shot shows? (the one with the  home, backup, retrieve, settings and help tabs across the top).  It should seem obvious as to where I should go, but it isn’t to me!  :flushed:

I am  brand newbie to MyCloud, and managed to set myself up all by myself, but the itunes rescan eludes my understanding.

Thank you in advance!