ITunes & DLNA Setup & Use on My Net N900 Central

There is a paucity of information on set up and use of iTunes and DLNA servers on the My Net N900 Central.

After configuring thr N900 for these, the n900 server is seen in the iTunes app on my MacBook and iPad mini, but the list is empty (the ITunes Library is stored on the N900 and other music is stored in the Music folder on the N900).

And I have no clue how to set up DLNA access from my smart HDTV and Onkyo TX-N717 receiver, both which have a DLNA app and an Ethernet connection to the LAN on which the N900 is located.

Has anyone been able to setup and get these servers working?

Any known online help?

The instructions found on the link bellow should also help with the net central