iTunes detects WD, but doesn't load!

Excuse for my English.

For a long time iTunes detects the WD, but does not load anything!

Whenever I try to access it using iTunes, continously says it’s loading but never gets any further.

I’ve left it for many times but nothing!!!

I wait for firmware update and I always update WD, but still does not work! It’s very looooong time now!

I bought my WD TV Live Hub also for this and this doesn’t work!!!


Do you have your MP3 files saved in the WDTV hard drive?

Yes! They are on the WDTV.

Some times ago, they worked!

I changed nothing on the WD, only firmware update.

And iTunes update (there was necessary to use other devices with iTunes)

Same exact thing is happening to me. I thought it was beacuse Apple updated the DAAP protocol in new iTunes versions and WD needed to do the same before they can communicate. 

Is the iTunes server supposed to working these days?

But it is so long that it doesn’t work!!! It 's an important function… and WD don’t correct this???

Yeah WD should have have worked this out a long time ago. I’m surprised more people aren’t requesting that the problem to be fixed.

We are currently working and verifying this issue.

Thanks for your contribution to the community.

How is that thing coming along? I tried to search everywhere and found out that problem exists since 2011?

I just bought WDTV Hub yesterday.
I copied my entire iTunes Media Folder to Hub but, same as others, it’s loading forever. Luckily, I still haven’t deleted the iTunes Media Folder on my MacBook’s drive.
Should I temporarily redirect Media Folder back to the MacBook’s drive till WD solves the issue? Please advise.

Any update on this issue would be appreciated. I bought the hub specifically to use as an itunes server so it really **bleep** that it isn’t working.

Rolling Itunes back to version 10 does resolve the issue but then I can no longer use my iphone, which **bleep** even worse.

Please hurry. Its a long time for fixing this important issue.

new firmware … and still nothing!

a year later - I have still same problem  - any solution in sight?

Can’t get iTunes playlists onto WDTV and onto TV screen

Do not like to just load 10,000 songs onto WDTV, cuz important thing is what you play for a given occasion, which is determined by the playlists


where istunes?

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yet there is no news?

More than an year ago and 0 solution yet!

I would’nt hold your breath …


Bill_S  Wrote:


_ There are no new firmware updates planned for the Live Hub at this time. _