iTunes and set up WD 3TB Cloud - set up options

Hi, I have spent some time now reading all the responses and I am still not clear… I will try and make this as painless and clear as possible… I have all my ITunes on an external drive and when I want to access iTunes I need to plug it in clearly. I bought the Cloud as a back up - and a new laptop as well. My immediate priority was to clean up the data from old pc and external hard drive and then copy it all to the cloud. I have done this and have a number of shares now and one of them is my ITunes library. So now I am looking at iTunes before setting up a safe point and setting up back ups. If i understand correctly - the iTunes server does not quite work in the way I thought. Can I point iTunes to my ITunes share on my WD and not use the server. I don’t think so… Can someone confirm? If it is the case that I cannot and if I want to continue to access iTunes in the way I currently do - I need to plug in the external hard drive to the new laptop - correct? If this is the case that sort of messes up my safe point idea. My idea was to point iTunes to my share and plug the external hard drive to the WD cloud and then set up a weekly synch. This clearly is a problem if I need to use the external drive attached to the laptop… How can I create a weekly synch to the copied iTunes library share that is already there. Will the synch be clever enough to update the iTunes’s share with any new purchases on the external hard drive? Or how best would you advise to set this situation up. Hopefully I was clear!

If you google around you will find plenty of links to help you put all your media and the key iTunes library metadata files on the NAS.

This link talks about the risks and workaround for several computers accessing the same NAS-based iTUnes library.

This link talks about the media folder organization that is recommended: