Itunes Album art

When I log into WDMyCloud on my iPhone or iPad to stream iTunes music the album art is missing ?


Use mp3tag for example to include the artwork properly into the tracks, iTunes doesn’t do this job correct.

I am using iTunes to rip albums in AAC but afterwards, track taggings like Album Artist or album covers are added with the help of mp3tag.

All of the files are AIFF files. My home use is via my stereo surround system. I guess I’ll have to forget about seeing album art on my IOS devices and use iTunes via sharing at home. I know for fact using home share shows album art using iTunes. I had hoped I would get the same performance from the WDEX2100 as I get from iTunes sharing. What a shame for the WDEX2100. You would think it should show the graphics, that is terrible.


Thaks for reply, AIFF is different to MP3 or AAC.

Have you moved the complete iTunes folder with all subfolders, escpecially the ones containing the cover art, to the NAS share where all your music is stored? Activate the dlna media server in Settings -> Media and then activate the iTunes server too. For iTunes you can set an auto-refresh time too. I would enable this auto-refresh.

I haven’t played arround with iTunes because I don’t have any Airplay or Apple TV but copying all the subfolders from the original iTunes folder tree should solve this.

Thank you very much for responding to my inquiry. I believe I did all that but then again I’ll check that out and let you know.

Thanks again.



I did compare my files on the NAS with the original iTunes folder I copied and found a few missing files. I made sure I had the exact same files in both places. I’ll let you know if this corrects the issue.