iTunes 3689 port access

I worldwide like to access iTunes configuration page at port3689. It asks me for user name and password: what are the default values?

The port 3689 is what ITunes uses to share data, but what username and password are you talking about?

This one . . . .

forked-daapd web interface.jpg

I believe the password is “unused” but there is no need to even go there because there is no web-interface.

What I found in the configuration file /etc/forked-daapd.conf. . .

# Admin password for the non-existent web interface
        admin_password = "unused"

This is what is shown in the log file  /var/log/forked-daapd.log. . .

httpd: Could not lstat() /usr/share/forked-daapd/webface/: No such file or directory

Thanks. I was trying to understand why my iPhone can not stream music directly from the MBL.I read somewhere that MBL is using a “firefly” software (listening on that port) to manage itunes server.

I thought this was possible but then I read somewhere that I need a DAAP compatible app and that iTunes server is used only to show the songs to the iTunes on PC/MAC.

Actualy, it might help, better to quote the entire configuration file.  Not like it’s secret as any MBL owner can get at it ad even edit it at their own risk.

general {
        # Username
        uid = "root"
        logfile = "/var/log/forked-daapd.log"
        # Database location
        db_path = "/CacheVolume/forked-daapd/songs3.db"
        # Available levels: fatal, log, warning, info, debug, spam
        loglevel = log
        # Admin password for the non-existent web interface
        admin_password = "unused"

# Library configuration
library {
        # Name of the library as displayed by the clients
        # %h: hostname, %v: version
        name = "%h"
        # TCP port to listen on. Default port is 3689 (daap)
        port = 3689
        # Password for the library. Optional.
# password = ""

        # Directories to index
        directories = { "/shares/Audio","/shares/AV_media" }
        # Directories containing compilations
        # Matches anywhere in the path (not a regexp, though)
# compilations = { "/compilations/" }

        # List of supported media file extensions (only music for now)
        supported_media_ext = { ".alac",".flac",".mp3",".m4a",".mp4a",".aac",".wav",".wma" }

        # Should iTunes metadata override ours?
# itunes_overrides = true

        # Formats: mp4a, mp4v, mpeg, alac, flac, mpc, ogg, wma, wmal, wmav, aif, wav
        # Formats that should never be transcoded
# no_transcode = { "alac", "mp4a" }
        # Formats that should always be transcoded
# force_transcode = { "ogg", "flac" }

I’ve only put a copy of the configuration file on here for everyone else’s reference. Well, the people who don’t know what SSH is and/or don’t have an interest accessing the Linux OS of the MyBook Live.

I shall quote the disclaimer . . .

“Disclaimer: SSH provides access to the network device and all its
content, only users with advanced computer networking and Linux experience
should enable it. Failure to understand the Linux command line interface
can result in rendering your network device inoperable, as well as allowing
unauthorized users access to your network. If you enable SSH, do not share
the root password with anyone you do not want to have direct access to all
the content on your network device.”

In addition, once you have established SSH access,change the root password with the passwd command.

(Simpler than typing my own.   LOL  :smiley: )