It's official.. we were beta testers for a slow and buggy product WD announcing the EX4100

…with the specs & software features the original EX4 should have debuted with…

YAWN… once burned; twice shy about parting with my money on this sleeper. 

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Thank you for you feedback.

I haven’t try this unit yet.

WD is always releasing new products to improve it’s functionality.

Note they also announced DL4100 which has beefier specs than EX4100.

Nice to see them going to w/ an ATOM chip on the DL4100  and expandable ram.

I still think Synology is one of the best in the biz w/ virtualized OS desktop …but they run dual core and light ram w/ expansion. 

So WD are you going to address the issues with EX4 or can we return them for upgrade EX4100. This is so wrong! Let’s finishing fixing the EX4.

Real beta testers used Sharespace: