It's just to much


I recently purchased a WD Live.

I’m using windows 7 and share my folders with the wd live.

  1. I share these folders: pictures, music, movies, series

When I turn the WD on I see all the folders, wether in music, pictures or movies section.

I find it annoying cause when I’m in the movie section and choose my music folder, it wont play the files inside…

So I want to only show the folders I can use in the right sections of the WD Live

2.I started to experiment with the metadata thing, but I simply don’t get it…

I used a folder and added it to my media library in the WD (this is the movies folder)

I have meta set up on auto. When I enter the folder I see the movie posters, but I don’t get any other info (release, director, …)

3.I was wondering how the library works?

Do I just apply all my shared folders? Or can I use it to create a different structure or something?

How do you guys and girls have the folder structure set up?

Mine is, in the folder movies, I have folders with movie names and within those folders the actual movie. Also have a few other folders in the movie folder, like: new stuff, for my GF, stand up comedy)

How would you people set it up?

Is there an xml file for IMDB wich I can use?

sorry for so many Q’s!

Try to access your files as network shares instead of using the media library. Check page 26 of the manual for more information.