Its dead Help

After rebooting my MAC my 3TB drive is no longer seen on my MAC in fact not even seen on my windows system. I notice the drives power light comes on however the drive is quiet as a church mouse.

To conserve space I bought this drive copied all my video to it and deleted it form my main system a month ago. I didn’t expect this from a new drive. It took me years to get all my video and converted it from dvd etc.

Its almost as the drive isn’t spinning up and or not enough power or bad cable I duno where to start Im still regretting buy this drive now!

Any help would be appreciated.

The drive won’t be seen on Windows just because it has been working on a Mac. Now you know never to trust your data to a single device, no matter who makes it; else you’re looking for a hard time.

Are you connecting the drive directly to the wall? Power strips can cause power problems, even if they have worked before. Also, is the drive on disk utility? (go> utilities> disk utility) If it is then try the repair option, and did you set a password to the drive?