"It's Back to PC World i'm afraid"

After struggling to get my Audio PC backed up to my 4TB My Cloud drive on and off for 2 months now, I have finally given up and will be returning my product to PC world for a full refund.

This is the first Western Digital storage product I have bought and possibly my last, my reasons being:

1 Product Functionality and Performance:

Since day one this device has barely been capable of the promised specs: On a 1Gb Ethernet LAN it took nearly 2 continous weeks to transfer 1 of my four 1gb drives and continually stalled during this process using their Smartware Pro software. After many hours fault finding on the forums and a recent v4.0 firmware upgrade I managed to get a passable transfer rate until the drive decided to stall indefinitley and I started receiving access authourization errors trying to connecting to the drive.

So what has been a painfully extended period has been only excacerbated by my next isse:

2.Technical Support:

Since July this year I have sent a total of 32 emails to Tech Support “THIRTY TWO!!!” I have over the course of these emails managed to establish “a friend” there although i’m not sure he is either technical or understands english and as a consequence today I have decided to end our relationship after trying unsucessfully to send the Error Log files four times with no luck and sporadic replies.

I can therefore only assume, either of two things:

1 I’m am too stupid to own and operate a My Cloud device; I would suggest at least a post grad level understanding of Unix, Open SSH and DNLA servers, unless you are just transferring a few hundred photos of your cat and your Michael Bolton re-mastered collection, before you box it up and pop it in the wardrobe incase something nasty happens to your laptop.


2.They have popped out a product way ahead of decent testing to grab market share and are now buckling under the barrage of RMA’s,Tech Support tickets and Dissatisfied customers. Meanwhile they have outsourced their online support to Kazakhstan to offload the traffic that was slowing the entire company intranet down to a stanstill.

Or am I doing something wrong? If anyone asks me to update the lastes,blah ,blah I think i’ll scream!

Windows XP 32 Pro sp3 ,Windows 64 Pro sp 1

Realtek Gigabit Switch, BT Home Hub 4a

WD My Cloud 4TB Firmware v4.00.01-623

Smartware Pro v 2.4.2

Did you have a solid green light from the cloud ethernet port ?

I had one green one on solid and the top light flashiing

You have the full speed connection so you should have been able to transfer your data at a good speed.  I can transfer 1gb in about 16 seconds for a single file, smaller ones a bit longer.

Thanks Daveyk

Yeah I’m getting nowhere near that. I have had my post sent to tech support and uploaded my Log files

and they actually phoned me up this morning!!! So I’m hoping for a resolution and will post the results

if it works.



Hope the guy’s sort it out for you my device has been very good for me.

They’ve had my log files for 2 weeks now

I have emailed tech support a further 5 times

making my total emails to them with this one

issue over 40!!

Pretty miffed