It's AD 2018 and still no search file

Hi there,

I’ve come across numerous complaints about the lack of the file search function for Mac users. Some of these date back even to early 2016 where WD staff were promising a quick fix of the problem. Disappointingly, this issue still persists.

Could you please explain this situation? Some of us bought your products in good trust that this important issue will be prioritised and resolved quickly. Yet, 2 years on a solution doesn’t even seem to be on the horizon.

Hopefully this revolutionary feature will be made available for your numerous customers.

Massive disappointment, WD.

It seems like a limitation of the Mac itself because the search function works perfectly on my windows 10 PC. I can search the file without any issue by name or the date.

Maybe these links may (or may not) help. Don’t have a Mac. Search works fine on Windows.